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Discover Fitness Freedom

Experience LA's best gyms, studios, and wellness events, no membership required.

Explore exclusive wellness events across LA, from energetic group activities to relaxing retreats, all accessible through Duro.
Duro offers day passes to LA's top gyms and studios, providing flexible access without the need for a membership.
Book a variety of fitness classes with LA's leading instructors and studios.

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Los Angeles

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Los Angeles

Duro Takes on L.A.

Los Angeles, celebrated for its health-conscious lifestyle and diverse community, is the perfect launchpad for Duro, embodying our vision of transformative fitness experiences. This trend-setting city's year-round sunshine and dynamic energy set the stage for our journey towards a globally accessible fitness and well-being community.

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No Membership Required

Control all aspects of your fitness journey by purchasing passes and classes to our partner gyms on-demand.

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Diverse Fitness Options

Stop depending on search engines and generic review sites to find gyms. Workout on your own terms by searching our vast fitness directory.

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Personalize Your Journey

Tailor your exercise routine with handpicked classes, passes, and events that align with your personal goals and schedule.

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